Synthetic turf provides many great benefits such as little to no maintenance, green all year round, and lasting results. Synthetic turf is also an excellent alternative for shady areas where a green, lush lawn is desired. Other benefits to synthetic turf are that it does not contain diseases or pests and it limits the cost of fertilization and weed control.

  • Precision Scapes offers a wide variety of turf including:
    • turf specific for pets
    • turf resembling St. Augustine grass
    • turf resembling Bermuda grass
    • putting green turf


Irrigation and sprinkler systems are vital in the overall health and quality of your landscape. Proper application, coverage, rate, and duration are imperative for getting the most out of your irrigation and sprinkler system. A common issue in the south is dry spot across lawns as a result of a variety of factors. Precision Scapes can help resolve these issues.

  • Precision Scapes can:
    • Troubleshoot
    • Repair
    • Maintain
    • Install
    • Provide an even pattern of coverage


Landscape Lighting highlights charm within your property and provides safety. A well-designed lighting system will be subtle, yet make a bold statement. Our professionals can help design a low-voltage lighting system to fit your needs.

  • Services include:
    • Design
    • Installation
    • Troubleshooting


Proper drainage is key to maintaining a healthy landscape while preventing foundation problems. Precision Scapes has the necessary tools and knowledge to solve drainage issues.

  • We can help with:
    • Preventing water from getting into your home
    • Preventing standing water around your foundation
    • Designing a professional drainage system to meet your drainage needs


Precision Scapes has the expertise to accentuate your property’s value by providing landscape construction.

  • Let us help you with:
    • Grading
    • Hardscapes
    • Softscapes


Adding seasonal enhancements throughout the year will increase the aesthetics of your property.

  • Enhancements include:
    • Seasonal Color
    • Perennial Care
    • Top Dressing


Landscape maintenance is crucial for a flourishing property. Our professionals can help in any area providing your landscape property with instant beautification.

  • Maintenance entails:
    • Mowing
    • Edging
    • Blowing
    • String trimming